Expectations for Personal Training programs

  • Assessment of background, lifestyle, and present fitness / body comp

  • Create fitness and body goals that are specific, measurable, and realistic

  • A program that addresses individual needs and schedule

  • Calendar of training sessions that fit lifestyle, goals, and budget

  • Training for mobility and core strength to build a base

  • Exercise and activity to improve mobility, stamina, and strength

  • Reassess fitness and body composition at set intervals

  • Help to improve eating habits and maximise nutrition to meet goals

It is well established that individuals who include support from personal training reach fitness and weight loss goals more consistently, at a faster pace, and with long lasting results. If you're injured and need assessment for rehab, go to the Kinesiology page, or if you've met all your fitness goals and want to train for more intensity, try Strength and Conditioning!

A good Personal Trainer will demonstrate the following

  • Post-Secondary educated in exercise and activity

  • Certified in minimum standards of a recognised fitness organisation 

  • Has extensive experience in a many modes of exercise

  • Insured to work with healthy or low risk populations

  • Assesses for fitness, basic strength, lifestyle, and goals

  • Uses exercise to develop mobility, strength, power, stamina

  • Uses exercise to reduce risks of inactivity and lower barriers to activity

Personal Training with Cooper Strength will change your lifestyle to include exercise as a regular part. Conan has dedicated many years to his own training, and enjoys sharing the path toward health for all through activity.


Personal Training & Weight Loss

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Nutrition & weight loss

The process to lose weight and stay healthy

  • Develop awareness and become educated on basics of nutrition

  • Evaluate current body type and composition in consideration of goals

  • Improve overall macronutrient content: protein, fat, carb, minerals, water

  • Progressively regulate portion size and meal timing

  • Identify the foods that best suit body type and lifestyle

  • Eliminate foods that hinder and slow progress in eating healthy

  • Balance intake with basic need and levels of daily activity

Conan has worked on physique development for 20 years. As an athlete and father in an active family, he has learned over many years of working with individuals to improve health.