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The background and practice of a kinesiologist:

  • University degree in human movement and activity

  • Registered and cleared with BC Association of Kinesiologists

  • Insured to work with healthy, injured, or at risk populations

  • Recognised for benefits from insurance providers including ICBC

  • Assesses for alignment, motor control, compensation patterns

  • Uses exercise to therapeutically relieve symptoms of injury

  • Can offer supporting exercise for disease that limits activity

  • Works to improve health, wellness, fitness, and performance

  • Often work with paramedical professionals in clinical settings

Kinesiology with Cooper Strength ensures competence and expertise. Conan has many years of training and research, working in the industry over 15 years, and teaching as a sport science and kinesiology professor.


Injury Rehabilitation

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Active Rehabilitation

Expectations for recovery in active rehab

  • Exercise prescribed by physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and athletic therapists

  • Expert and detailed assessment of physical ability and movement following injury

  • Application of kinesiology to identify the causes of dysfunctional movement and pain

  • Rehabilitation to relieve pain and dis-ease in biomechanics or physiology

  • Support to recovering individuals for return to daily living, recreation, and work

  • Report to stakeholders, medical professionals, and insurance companies

ICBC recognises Active Rehabilitation - vehicle insurance benefits include treatments covered with no user fee for those injured in car crash with referral from their physician.  

For a program of Active Rehabilitation following injury in a car crash, or otherwise, contact Cooper Strength for a professional assessment. If you've recovered from an injury and want to maintain your strength and set fitness goals see our Personal Training page. For athletes who've recovered and looking to get back in the game, go to the Strength and Conditioning page!

Steps to take if you have been injured in a vehicle accident

  1. Doctor Exam: Most people should attend their family doctor for a complete assessment

  2. Referral: If you attend your doctor, ask for a referral for Active Rehab with a Kinesiologist 

    - within 12 weeks of the accident, ICBC pre-approves direct billing active rehab for injuries -

  3. Assessment: Contact us to schedule a full assessment which takes about 60min

  4. Treatment: We will set further times for scheduled visits usually twice a week for the fist 4-8 weeks

  5. Education & Home Training: You will progress best learning to complete your maintenance training

  6. Reassess & Report: We will measure progress, and report to ICBC and legal counsel (if involved)

  7. Recovery: Depending on the injury, recovery may usually progress over 4 to 12 weeks

 To see fees for Active Rehab, visit our Services page

Follow along with Active Rehab exercises on our video page!

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