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What is a Yoga Teacher?

  • Five or more years of dedicated yoga practice

  • Often has practiced more than ten years

  • Usually has a background in therapy, kinesiology, sport, or meditation

  • Has 200 hours of training as a teacher and usually 300, 500, or more

  • Regularly updates training with workshops and retreats to learn

Yoga with Cooper Strength will help you to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Find Conan practicing or teaching yoga here:

What do we do in Yoga?

  • Practice movement connected to breath

  • Mindfulness and awareness of each part of the body

  • Focus to concentrate and mediate to achieve enlightenment

  • Opening of joints, lengthening of muscles, and activation of posture

Come to practice yoga with Conan or have a dedicated program built into your regular training. If you need more attention to use your mobility and core strength to make fitness goals and lose weight then see the Personal Training page. If you've developed an injury then go to the Kinesiology page to set up and assessment.

Gosh Yoga

Learn more about this stye of yoga

 To see fees for Mobility & Core Strength, visit our Services page

Follow along with Mobility & Core Strength exercises on our video page!

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