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What is a Strength & Conditioning Coach?

  • University degree in human kinetics, sport science, and periodisation

  • Currently or formerly a coach or athlete in high performance sport

  • Certified in S&C with National Strength & Conditioning Association

  • Insured to work with healthy athletes or athletes returning to perform

  • Assesses for general resilience and for sport-specific physical abilities

  • Prioritises health and wellness to support the level of performance

  • Develops athletes progressively with attention to stage and age

  • Works to develop mobility, strength, power, acceleration, and speed

  • Often work with paramedical professionals in sport settings

Strength & Conditioning with Cooper Strength is a guaranteed game-changer. With a lifetime involved in sport, and 20 years experience training athletes to perform and compete Conan has seen hundreds of athletes go on to perform at the regional, national, and international level.

Expectations for strength & conditioning programs

  • Assess the sport, and level of readiness of each athlete

  • Teach and train the athlete in basics of maintaining core and mobility

  • Train athletes for balance and resilience to injury over a season

  • Develop a program that addresses sport-specific areas prone to injury

  • Use appropriate techniques and tools to develop sport-specific abilities

  • Devise a progressive periodised program of training for the athlete

  • Monitor and advise on changes to nutrition to support performance

  • Reassess athlete abilities at key times over the season

Athletes who remain involved in strength and conditioning programs through a season perform better and remain free from injury longer than untrained counterparts. Strength and conditioning with a trained and certified coach will build lifelong sport ability and habits. If you're a competitive athlete, don't let injuries hold you down - see our Kinesiology page and come in for an assessment. If you need more mobility and attention to the core, see our Mobility and Core Training page.

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Follow along with Sport Training exercises on our video page!

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