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I have suffered from what was chronic upper back pain for over a decade, and now that I have been doing this exercise on a regular basis, I can honestly say that 80% of the pain is gone – it’s a miracle. You may think this is something minuscule, but I am forever grateful."

Natalie Putic

I credit proper training and the right diet to my increase in performance. I have already pitched two games and I am 2-0 with a 2.25 ERA and I am at the top with some of the best."

Joel Holland

Conan knows how to get to the root of the issue. If you want to improve posture or just feel stronger and move better, he is your guy! Best trainer you’ll ever have."

Natalie Edwards

“I had a goal to get 45lb plates on each side for my bench pressing. I had been trying to get there FOREVER, and after employing methods you showed, last week I FINALLY got my plates on. Now I’m gonna see how much stronger I can get.”

Agnieska Inglot

"It seems like the older I was getting, the more problems I was having. Like many of my friends, back problems became a constant, to the point where I would find myself on the roller every night at 2am just so I could sleep. The chiropractor's office and RMT became second homes. Working with Conan has made me stronger, healthier, and more able than a long time. Rolling at night is a long forgotten memory, and I have a greater knowledge of what is needed to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle."

Ryan Lang

Cooper Strength clients

Injury Rehabilitation, Personal Training, Sport Training, Yoga

At Cooper Strength, we work with anyone with goals to repair injury, get fit, or develop strength, mobility, power, and function. If you're wondering whether the fit is right for you, here is a summary of the ages and levels of clients with whom we work.

Personal Training

Clients range in age from 12-13 up through young adults, middle aged, and seniors into their mid 70s.E Each age range tends to have different priorities, so the goal is to match appropriate training modes to individual needs, experience, and ability. Many people are new to training so they get started right from the outset. Others come with their own experiences, or having trained with another business for a while. All ages and levels of ability are welcome!

Sport Training

Having worked with development, elite, and recreational athletes, we cover the gamut of ages and experiences. Athletes range in age from youth 10-14 years old, through to many in their mid-teens 15-20, and a few adults at the elite level in their 20-30s. We also have a few performance masters athletes 40-60 years old, and a good number of recreational athletes 22-50s have come through programs.

Injury Recovery and Active Rehabilitation

This is another area of training where all ages may at some point need some support. Many of the clients in active rehab programs are adults 18-75 years old, with a majority in their 30-50s due simply to there being the largest number of drivers in that range, and we work with many insurance claims. For sport-related injuries, we have many youth come through following acute recovery programs with physical therapists or other practitioners.

For more details of what to expect and with whom you may work for your needs, see our individual pages on Personal Training, Injury Rehab, or Strength and Conditioning.

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