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Gosh is the family name of two of the most influential yogis in recent time. The two brothers Bishnu Gosh and Mukunda - later known as Paramahansa Yogananda - travelled from their home in Bengal to promote this style of yoga taught to them by Sri Yukteswar and Lahiri Mahaysaya. The practice is named for them as leaders and to honour their contribution and legacy. It is a therapeutic practice that incorporates asanas and breathing to gradually strengthen and align the body externally and internally. 

Several current popular styles of yoga all come from the same Gosh family lineage - “Hot”, Bikram, Modo/Moksha. I began in a class of Bikram Yoga in 2004, and have continued practice in that style and others ever since. I enjoy Gosh Yoga because it challenges breath, and balance, mobility, and strength in the whole body. Gosh Yoga classes generally involve moving into a position through activation and stretching of muscles, followed by a hold which requires strength, stamina, and awareness of position while maintaining steady breathing. Many asanas also involve movement of internal structure and organs through stretch, twist, or compression of the body. Each asana is followed by a relaxing pause and calming the breath that allows return of blood flow and settling of joints and organs in neutral resting position. The classes are usually held in warm, occasionally hot, rooms but may also be practiced at normal temperature where heat is generated in movement. Through a sequence planned and progressed each class, students feel more open and aligned, which relieves previous unequal stress through joints and structures. The alignment ultimately reduces wear at joints, releases tight fascia over muscle and organs, and opens channels for energy movement in the body. Students will find focus and concentration to meditate and live life healthier and happier.